Glass Processing Equipment and Float Glass Production Equipment Manufacturer in China

Qinhuangdao Yuntong Glass Mech-Electro Technology Company is a China-based, high-tech enterprise manufacturing and supplying quality glass processing equipment and float glass production equipment to customers around the globe. ISO9001 and ISO14001 approved, Yuntong was the first horizontal tempering furnace manufacturer in all of China. We provide a complete line of glass tempering furnace products and cold end equipment for float glass production, which includes a glass cross cutting machine, glass longitudinal cutting machine, snapping device, glass severing machine and roller, glass conveying roller, glass distribution machine, glass stacker, and more. The tempered glass products made by our equipment are widely used in the fields of architecture, decoration, vehicles, furniture, electrical appliances, ships, and aviation, to name a few.

  • Cross Bending Glass Tempering Furnace
  • Cross Bending Glass Tempering FurnaceThe cross bending glass tempering furnace is used to make bent toughed glass which is widely used in the fields of architecture, decoration, furniture, electronic apparatus ...
  • Glass Stacker
  • Glass StackerThe glass stacker is a kind of equipment which utilizes a vacuum device to vertically grip the glass plates. It consists of an angle turning ...

Formerly known as Yuntong Glass Mech-Electro Institute, we were founded in 1989, and have specialized in the R&D, production and marketing of glass manufacturing and glass processing equipment. Over two decades of striving for perfection have resulted in our development of a strong technical team that excels in the design, production and installation of equipment in the glass industry. We have also become expert in the design and manufacture of float glass manufacturing equipment. Our first horizontal glass tempering furnace was created in 1989, and since then, we have developed three complete lines of glass tempering equipment, namely: the flat glass tempering furnace, bent glass tempering furnace, and flat and bent glass tempering furnace, totaling hundreds of models. Our glass processing equipment uses SCR controls for heating systems, and 7188/7018 modules for data acquisition and transmission. These, together with our programmable logic controllers (PLC) ensure our equipment provides reliable heating. Our one-pass chiller is equipped with unique quenching and cooling units, reducing electricity consumption by up to 40%. The use of individual heating zones, advanced structure for heat balance, and a proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller) for quenching, all contributes to the extremely smooth glass made by our equipment. Due to the excellent performance and high quality of our CE certified products, they are very popular with customers from over sixty countries and regions, including the US, Japan, Australia, Britain, Canada, South Korea, India, Russia, Southeast Asia, East Europe, Middle East, and others. We can also provide customized glass processing equipment for worldwide customers.

Our quality products have earned us a large number of satisfied clients. Yuntong cold end equipment and control systems were exported to India in 1994, and were successfully applied to the float glass production line there, which brought considerable economic benefits to the client. In 2008, we started the rebuilding project of the float glass production line (flat glass production line) for the Saratov Glass Institute of Russia, and that client was very pleased with the results. We also undertook the entire project of the cold end equipment for Asahi Glass (a world-famous Japanese enterprise) ultra-clear figured glass production line, which turned out to be a great success. Years of experience and the establishment of a complete customer service system enable us to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We are pleased to offer consultation services and equipment layout, in addition to providing a tour of our equipment so you can have a better understanding of our products before purchasing. On-site product installation and training are also available, in order to ensure a full understanding and adeptness by your machinery operators. Our products also come with 12-month warranty. During this period, we offer free after-sales service and replacement of certain wearing parts (except problems caused by errors on the part of the client).

If you have any inquiries, please contact us. The staff at Yuntong would be happy to assist you and looks forward working with you.