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Float Glass Production Line

  • Float Glass Plant Turnkey ProjectIn April of 2008, we signed the contract with SARATOV Glass Institute of Russia concerning a 250 t/d float glass production line. The project included the design, manufacture, installation and debugging of the annealing furnace, cold end equipment and control system as well as edge roller.
  • Float Glass Production LineWe at Yuntong offer glass cross cutting machine, glass longitudinal cutting machine, and other cold end equipment for float glass production lines to numerous customers worldwide. We are a supplier for China Yaohua Glass Group Corporation in its projects of cold end equipment upgrade, design and improvement of annealing furnace, and upgrade of raw material and batch weigher.

Float glass is produced in a tin bath (with protective gas such as N2 and H2 inside). In the tin bath, molten glass floats on the surface of molten tin.
Most of float glass is soda-lime glass.

Float glass made by our float glass production line has compact structure, good transparency, uniform thickness and very flat surface. It has no bubble, wave or distortion. Float glass can be used for mirrors, automobile glass and windows, etc.

As a glass tempering furnace manufacturer in China, we can provide a variety of float glass manufacturing equipment such as glass longitudinal cutting machine, glass cross cutting machine, glass snapping device, vertical glass sheet stacker, sheet glass separation machine and glass conveying roller.

The float glass manufacturing equipment has large production capacity and comparatively low energy consumption.
The equipment with simple structure is not damaged easily.
It can be conveniently operated and easily controlled.