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Since its establishment in China in 1989, Yuntong Glass has been involved in the research, manufacturing and sale of excellent quality glass production and processing equipment. Forwarding our product design mission of achieving optimum energy efficiency, reliability, and safety, we have expanded to serve not only our broad market in China, but also over 60 different countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, the U.S., UK, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and more.

1. The Glass Technology Research Team was established as the Yuntong's forerunner in 1983, and it finished the research of computer automatic control technology for vertical glass tempering furnace.
2. The team participated in the R&D of China float glass technology from 1984 to 1989.
3. The company was established and entitled "Yuntong Glass Mech-Electro Institute" in 1989, and it started the research of horizontal glass tempering technology.
4. Successfully made China's first horizontal roller hearth flat glass tempering line in 1990.
5. Successfully manufactured cold end equipment for float glass production line (such as longitudinal cutting machine and cross cutting machine).
6. Exported full set of cold end equipment for float glass production line and control system to India in 1994.
7. Exported first glass tempering furnace in 1998.
8. Successfully developed pass through type quenching chiller which can save the quenching power up to 70%, and manufactured cross bending glass tempering plant in 2001.
9. Successfully developed longitudinal bending glass tempering plant in April of 2002, and exported to Korea.
10. Successfully manufactured China's first compressed-air-aided quenching glass tempering plant in 2003, and exported to Russia and successfully tempered 2.5mm glass.
11. Successfully developed convection technology in 2003.
12. Manufactured gas burning force convection heat soak test oven for tempered glass, and successfully exported to Japan.
13. Developed hot-air forced convection tempering technology, and solved difficult problem of heating Low-E coated glass with E value of 0.04 in 2004. This kind of furnace has been increasingly preferred by customers around the world, and exported to Korea, UK and Australia etc.
14. Yuntong Glass Mech-Electro Institute restructured in 2004, and renamed Yuntong Glass Mech-Eletro Technology Co., Ltd.
15. Successfully manufactured continuous horizontal glass tempering plant in 2004, and productivity of tempered glass increased greatly.
16. Jumbo size glass stacker for float glass production line was successfully developed in 2005.
17. The first V shape glass bending and tempering line was made, and made a hit in Czech Rep. in 2006.
18. Started the research of gas-based heating glass tempering plant in 2006.
19. Started rebuilding project of the 250 t/d float glass production line for Saratov Glass Institute of Russia from 2007 to 2009, and the project was tested and accepted in September of 2009.
20. Undertook the entire ASG (Suzhou) project for cold end equipment of one-furnace-two-line ultra-clear figured glass line. This line was put into production successfully.