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Glass Tempering Technology And Equipment

    1. PG-Series Flat Glass Tempering SystemPG Flat Tempering Line has a history of over 30 years, and is now among the most reliable and easy to operate tempering lines in the world. We have manufactured over 400 PG tempering lines.
    1. T-Series Pass Through Glass Quenching System

      Flat Tempering Line with Pass-through Quenching System:
      1, Considerably reduces installed quenching power.
      2, Reduces peak current by at least 20%.
      3, Reduces power consumption by upto 40%.
      4, Enables full load of thin glass tempering.

    1. D-Series Forced Convection Heating SystemYuntong made great improvement on its forced convection heating system. The new system has more equal hot air flow, over 3 time higher forced convection efficiency and self-cooled forced convection fan system. The whole system is very reliable and almost zero maintenance.
    1. B Series Thin Glass Tempering SystemAs natural gas allows the glass sheets to be evenly heated at a lower temperature (670℃~690℃), the heating rate is improved, and the period for the glass staying on the roller is shortened. This enables the glass tempering furnace to minimize the chances of glass deformation, and improve the production rate and glass quality.
    1. S-Series Double Chamber Heating SystemYuntong New S series double chamber tempering line has one furnace divided into two heating chambers. These two chamber can join together to make a double length heating chamber. This model inherits all the advantages of double chamber line, and much more. It is more productive, greatly reduces heat loss, and can temper extra long pane.
    1. L-Series Continuous Tempering SystemYuntong continuous tempering line uses the most advanced technology and a lot of creative designs. It can continuously produce 2.8mm to 6mm glass, and 2.5mm heat strengthened glass. Continuous tempering line is the best solution for buld production of high quality tempered glass.
    1. Z-Series Longitudinal Bending and Tempering SystemAll motion parts are surface hardened. The dimensions of all load-bearing parts are carefully calculated and tested. The whole system is designed to work for 25 years.
    1. H-Series Cross Bending and Tempering SystemHigh precision formation parts, clutch between pressing rollers and conveyer rollers arc-wise oscillation before quenching secure high accuracy in shape, radius and tapering, and effective reduces earing.

Glass tempering furnace, also known as toughened glass furnace, is a kind of fabricating plant that produces tempered glass. You just need to put the common glass into the tempering furnace, and cool it rapidly after it is heated near to its melting point. The stress difference inside and outside the glass can induce the production of tempered glass with high performance.

Glass tempering furnace is a kind of commonly-used tempering equipment. As a tempering equipment manufacturer, we can provide several kinds of glass tempering furnace, i.e. according to heating way, there are radiation heating glass tempering furnace, convection heating glass tempering furnace, continuous heating glass tempering furnace, double chamber glass tempering furnace and passage type glass tempering furnace; according to forming way, there are flat glass tempering furnace, bend glass tempering furnace and flat and bend combination glass tempering furnace.

The glass tempering furnace is easy to operate and the production process is automatically controlled.
Its unique heating design prolongs the useful life of heating elements.
It has self diagnostic function and comfortable human machine interface.

The tempering equipment is used to make flat toughed glass which is widely used in the fields of architecture, decoration, furniture, electronic apparatus, vehicles, ships, aviation, and more.