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Laminated Glass Production Line

Semi-automatic laminating line

A-Automatic laminating line

YUTONG Laminated Production Line is designed to be automatic from loading till unloading.

Automatic loading system can register multi positions.

The washing machine speed can reach 12m/min.

Numeric-Mechanic combined registration, high-speed vacuum shuttle and powerful servo drive ensure accuracy and reduce cycle time. The positioning accuracy is 0.3mm and laminating offset is within 0.5mm. The single pane handing cycle can be within 30 seconds.

Automatic film cutting could cut crosswise for standard size.

All nip rollers are independently driven with automatic thickness adjustment.

Infra-red heating can save up to 40% of power consumption.

The autoclave uses worldwide certified pressure vessel.

Powerful heating, pressurizing and cooling is installed in the autoclave to enable fast production. The shortest cycle time can be 90 minutes.

The full line has safety interlocking system to ensure the maximum safety in production.

Basic Data of Laminated Glass Production Line

MODEL Max. Glass Size mmxmm Min. Glass Size mmxmm Laminated Thickness mm~mm Equipment Dimension meters Installed Power KVA
AIJC1640 1600x4000 300x420 4~40 31x7x3 95
AIJC2040 2000x4000 300x420 4~80 32x8x3 110
AIJC2260 2250x6000 300x420 4~80 38x8x3.7 165
AIJC2560 2500x6000 300x420 4~80 39x9x4 185
AIJC2580 2500x8000 300x420 4~80 44x9x4 240
AIJC3080 3000x8000 400x500 4~80 47x10x4.5 275
AIJC3280 3210x8000 400x500 4~80 48x10x4.5 290

Production line can be installed in L or U shapes to fit in and save the factory spaces.
We can design and manufacture line of customer specified sizes.

Basic Data of Autoclave

MODEL Max. Glass Size mmxmm Cycle time (hours) Laminated Thickness mm~mm Working Pressure MPa Power Supply KVA Equipment Weight (Ton)
ATGF2040 1600x4000 1.5~3.5 4~40 1.25 85kw 8.5
ATGF2245 2000x4000 1.5~3.5 4~80 1.25 110kw 11
ATGF2660 2250x6000 1.5~4 4~80 1.25 150kw 16
ATGF2860 2500x6000 2~4 4~80 1.25 185kw 19
ATGF2880 2500x8000 2~4 4~80 1.25 210kw 22
ATGF3380 3000x8000 2~4 4~80 1.25 280kw 27
ATGF3580 3250x8000 2~4 4~80 1.25 330kw 33

High efficiency autoclave for
PVB and SGP laminated glass production

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