Accelerating Separation Roller

The separation roller enables fast, scratchless separating of the glass that has been snapped transversely. Before the glass plate snaps off, the roller moves at the same rate as the roller of the annealing lehr; after snapping of the glass plate, the accelerating roller will triple the speed instantly, changing from the transmission speed of the annealing lehr to the speed of cold end roller. Also, the accelerating separation roller is capable of grouping and delivering the glass panes that are cut into measured sizes and arranged with a certain distance between them. This allows sufficient time for the subsequent procedure in thin glass or short plate production.

Yuntong is a professional accelerating separation roller manufacturer in China. We offer not only cold end equipment, but also glass tempering furnace, laminated glass processing equipment, glass washing machine, and other related equipment.

Terms of trade
1. Minimum order quantity (MOQ): one piece or complete plant
2. Delivery time: 3-6 months (except float glass production line)
3. Port of loading: port of Tianjin (Xingang)
4. Terms of payment: advance payment (30% TT) + payment before shipment (60% LC or TT) + the balance of payment (10% TT or LC) after final acceptance.