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Glass Cross Cutting Machine (including length measuring, signal generator and glass edge severing)

1. Our glass cross cutting machine provides human-machine interface, and functions of optimized cutting and jump cutting (when cutting thin glass with small length, after the first cutter cuts the glass, the second cutter carries out the second cutting). According to the positions of flaws on the glass plate, it can optimize cutting by automatically choosing from the predetermined sizes (including three specification options for glass product and one for waste product).
2. The glass cutter also has the function of double-cutter alternate cutting (which is used under circumstances that the glass plate is moving too fast and undergoes small-size cutting).
3. There are two cutters, with one cutter acting as a backup for the other; when there is something wrong with the cutter that is working or in case of changing the cutter, the other will start automatically cutting the same size.
4. The glass cross cutting machine has order storage capability.
5. It can set the positions for cutter lifting and lowering by means of the signals it receives from a glass longitudinal cutting machine.
6. In addition to sending signals on glass breaking, the glass cutting machine can provide not only synchronous lowering but also individual control of the tool carrier, pressing wheel and cutter wheel.

The glass cross cutting machine is used for cutting glass ribbon transversely.

Technical Parameters

Max. cutting width 5M
Thickness 1mm~19mm
Cutting tolerance for glass height ±0.5mm
Cutting tolerance for diagonal line ±1mm
Pressure adjustment 0~100N
Max. running speed 3m/s
Suitable glass ribbon speed 50m~1200m/h
Range of cutting length 0.6-10m

Yuntong is a professional glass cross cutting machine manufacturer in China. We provide a variety of products including glass conveying roller, dual-chamber convection heating flat glass tempering furnace, dross box, top cover, horizontal glass washing machine, and others.

Terms of trade
1. Minimum order quantity (MOQ): one piece or complete plant
2. Delivery time: 3-6 months (except float glass production line)
3. Port of loading: port of Tianjin (Xingang)
4. Terms of payment: advance payment (30% TT) + payment before shipment (60% LC or TT) + the balance of payment (10% TT or LC) after final acceptance.