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    1. D-Series Forced Convection Heating SystemYuntong made great improvement on its forced convection heating system. The new system has more equal hot air flow, over 3 time higher forced convection efficiency and self-cooled forced convection fan system. The whole system is very reliable and almost zero maintenance.
    1. B Series Thin Glass Tempering SystemIn case of super-thin (1/8” minus, thin glass models only) glass tempering furnace, the pass-through zone(s) is further divided into more sub-zones to create a pressure gradient so as to improve quenching power concentration. With limited quenching power, the furnace can temper super thin glass at full load.
    1. S-Series Double Chamber Heating SystemYuntong New S series double chamber tempering line has one furnace divided into two heating chambers. These two chamber can join together to make a double length heating chamber. This model inherits all the advantages of double chamber line, and much more. It is more productive, greatly reduces heat loss, and can temper extra long pane.
    1. L-Series Continuous Tempering SystemYuntong continuous tempering line uses the most advanced technology and a lot of creative designs. It can continuously produce 2.8mm to 6mm glass, and 2.5mm heat strengthened glass. Continuous tempering line is the best solution for buld production of high quality tempered glass.
    1. Z-Series Longitudinal Bending and Tempering SystemAll motion parts are surface hardened. The dimensions of all load-bearing parts are carefully calculated and tested. The whole system is designed to work for 25 years.
    1. H-Series Cross Bending and Tempering SystemHigh precision formation parts, clutch between pressing rollers and conveyer rollers arc-wise oscillation before quenching secure high accuracy in shape, radius and tapering, and effective reduces earing.
  • Laminated Glass Production Line
    1. Laminated Glass Production Line
  • Float Glass Production Line
  • Float Glass Plant Turnkey ProjectIn April of 2008, we signed the contract with SARATOV Glass Institute of Russia concerning a 250 t/d float glass production line. The project included the design, manufacture, installation and debugging of the annealing furnace, cold end equipment and control system as well as edge roller.
  • Float Glass Production LineWe at Yuntong offer glass cross cutting machine, glass longitudinal cutting machine, and other cold end equipment for float glass production lines to numerous customers worldwide. We are a supplier for China Yaohua Glass Group Corporation in its projects of cold end equipment upgrade, design and improvement of annealing furnace, and upgrade of raw material and batch weigher.
  • Automatic Control System
    1. Automatic Control SystemThe automatic control system includes ActionScript (AS) and Operator Station (OS). All control parameters and non-control parameters are entered into the computer for data processing, display, alarm, etc., and then output into the actuating unit for automatic regulation.

Yuntong is a Chinese manufacturer of glass tempering furnace, float glass production line, and related equipment for float glass production line. Our products include flat glass tempering furnace, cross bending glass tempering furnace, as well as tank furnace equipment, tin bath equipment, annealing lehr and cold end equipment for float glass production line, among others. The tempered glass made by our equipment is typically used in the fields of architecture, decoration, furniture, electric appliances, vehicles, ships and aviation, among others.

In addition, we at Yuntong offer customized products according to the client's special requirements (production capacity, e.g.), which helps our clients lower their production costs without compromising the product quality.

Due to our consistent dedication to product improvement in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, our high quality, CE certified products are well received in different countries and regions of the world such as the US, Canada, Britain, Australia, Japan, India, Russia, Southeast Asia, East Europe, Middle East, and others.