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Tank Furnace Equipment for Float Glass Production Line

  • Glass Tank FurnaceMade of steel structures and refractories, the glass tank furnace includes L shaped suspended wall, melter, neck, cooling end, runner, combustion system, waste discharge system, wind cooling system, and etc. The tank furnace offers advanced performance in terms of melting rate, heat consumption, and service life compared to like products in the field.
    1. Batch Feeding Machine/Batch Charger (Feeder)For the batch feeding machine, the commonly used are large leaning blanket batch charger and arc blanket batch feeder. They are used for continuous feeding of thin-layer batch.
      The feeding machine charges the batch, at a required rate and in a required shape, into a tank furnace.
  • Glass StirrerThe commonly used glass stirrer is divided into the horizontal stirrer and vertical stirrer. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.
    The glass stirrer enables uniform composition, temperature and viscosity of the molten glass, and thus improved glass quality.
  • Water Pipe Cooler, Support DeviceThe water pipe coolers on both sides of the neck are placed at a certain depth of the molten glass.
    The water pipe cooler enables the molten glass to cool down rapidly while blocking unmelted scum.
  • Canal Tweel, Driving SystemThe tank furnace is generally equipped with a set of emergency tweel and two sets (one set for backup) of regulating tweel.
    The canal tweel is used for shutoff in case of repairing the canal.
    The driving system is applied to the regulation of glass flow.
  • Combustion SystemAccording to the fuel types, the combustion system for the float glass production line uses different burners (such as an oil burner and a gas burner), atomizing media and auxiliary equipment. The burning system provides complete combustion and low fuel consumption. ...
  • Air Exchanger, Driving DeviceThe air exchanger provides multiple functions such as full automatic, semi-automatic and manual flame reversing, which can meet different needs.
    The air exchanger is applied to the flame reversion for the melting furnace.
  • Flue DamperIn terms of functions, the flue damper is categorized into main flue closing damper, main flue regulating damper and divided flue damper.
    The flue damper is used for regulating and closing the flow of flue gas.
  • Combustion Air, Air Cooling SystemThe combustion air system provides sufficient combustion air to aid in fuel burning.
    The air cooling system acts as an air source offering adequate pressure for tank furnace cooling. It helps ensure safe running of the melting furnace.

The tank furnace for float glass production line is used to change batch into molten glass, the temperature of which is reduced until it can be fed into a tin bath for forming.

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