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Tin Bath Equipment for Float Glass Production Line

  • Tin BathThe tin bath is made up of steel structures, refractory structures, heating elements, cooling system, shielding gas system and control system. It is suitable for forming glass with thickness range of 2-19mm. The tin bath makes high quality products which are conforming to national standards of China. The forming process is automatically controlled.
    1. Knurl MachineThere are many types of knurl machines such as suspending type, stand type, semi-automatic, full-automatic, and more. Fitted on both sides of a tin bath, knurl machines play an important role in improving glass quality, glass production rate, and thick or thin glass making.
  • FenceThere are pairs of graphite fences and pipe fasteners in the tin bath.
    The fence keeps the glass ribbon running smoothly in a predetermined position, which prevents glass swing.
  • Tin Bath Cooling SystemAir cooling, water cooling or other types of cooling systems should be used for the bottom case, front wall and back wall and other positions of a tin bath so as to ensure safe operation.
  • Cooler and Support DeviceAccording to technical requirements, the tin bath is installed with many different types of cooler and support device or hanging device.
    Motor drive makes the cooler easy to operate.
  • Linear MotorUnder the action of the magnetic field of a linear motor, the tin liquid is divided into several circular flows. This prevents temperature interference caused by convection of the tin liquid, reducing the thickness difference of glass and improving surface flatness.
  • Ribbon Width Flow Control SystemThe video signals on glass width from industrial TV inspection, together with the glass flow regulating tweel constitute the ribbon width flow control system which enables automatic monitoring, control and alarm.
  • Industrial TV Monitoring SystemThe industrial TV monitoring system is used for online monitoring on the working state of glass ribbon and forming equipment.
  • Dross Box, Top CoverThe roller table is composed of transition roller, top cover, curtain baffle, dross box, tin scraping device, and more. It prevents air from entering the tin bath.
    Among the components, the transition roller is used for drawing the glass ribbon out of the tin bath.

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