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Knurl Machine

There are many types of knurl machines such as suspending type, stand type, semi-automatic, full-automatic, and more. Fitted on both sides of a tin bath, knurl machines play an important role in improving glass quality, glass production rate, and thick or thin glass making.
Parameters of each knurl machine can be adjusted in the central control room. The machine offers automatic, safe and reliable operation.

The knurl machine is used for glass thinning and thickening, ensuring stable running of glass.

Suspending Knurl Machine

Linear speed 50~1000m/h
Horizontal swing angle range ±20°
Travel route of machine head 3000mm
Head radial run out less than 0.2mm
machine rod horizontal lifting 80mm
Glass thickness 2~19mm
Pressing depth range 100mm
Machine head diameter ∮214, double rows of teeth

Water supply: Water conforms to industrial soft water standard, water pressure is 0.3MPA, and water flow is 10M 3/h per couple

Stand Knurl Machine

Glass thickness 3~19mm
Tolerance of radial runout for main shaft 0.2mm
Travel route of machine rod 1500mm.
Effective length of machine rod 3000mm
Stretching accuracy ±1mm
Pressing depth range 80mm
Press-position accuracy ±0.1mm
Swing angle range ±20°
Swing angle adjusting accuracy ±0.1°
Emergency lifting time 3s
Machine head lifting & dropping route 100mm Accuracy ±3mm
Machine head size Ф214mm, double rows of teeth
Machine linear speed 50~1000m/h, corresponding linear accuracy 1/1000

Water conforms to industrial soft water standard, water pressure is 0.15MPa, and water flow is 5m3/h for each set.

Yuntong is a professional knurl machine manufacturer in China. We offer various types of products such as forced convection heating flat glass tempering furnace, glass longitudinal cutting machine, glass stacker, laminated glass processing equipment, and glass washing machine.

Terms of trade
1. Minimum order quantity (MOQ): one piece or complete plant
2. Delivery time: 3-6 months (except float glass production line)
3. Port of loading: port of Tianjin (Xingang)
4. Terms of payment: advance payment (30% TT) + payment before shipment (60% LC or TT) + the balance of payment (10% TT or LC) after final acceptance.

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