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Annealing Lehr for Float Glass Production Line

    1. Full Set of Annealing Lehr EquipmentWith heat insulation, the annealing equipment is transversely divided into zones for heating and cooling. This can effectively control the cooling speed and crosswise temperature difference of the glass ribbon. According to the requirements in terms of glass output, specifications and thickness ...
    1. Roller for Annealing LehrThe roller for annealing lehr is supported by suspended bearing. Its transmission shaft is driven by motor with stepless speed regulation. The screw gear fixed at the ends of driving shaft and roller shaft offers auxiliary driving.
      Conveying rollers with different diameters, spacing, and materials are used according to different temperatures ...
  • Annealing Lehr Drive and Transmission SystemThe roller table uses suspended installation. Two variable frequency AC motor drive systems are used, with each one acting as a backup for the other. The drive system provides stable speed, and a wide speed range.
  • Air Pipe Cooling SystemAccording to the technical requirements for different zones, the annealing lehr uses different cooling methods, pipelines and air supply systems. The air pipe cooling system offers the advantage of reliable performance and easy adjustment.

The annealing lehr for float glass production line heats the glass to the upper limit of the annealing temperature range. After a period of thermal retardation, the permanent stress in glass is eliminated. Then the glass is cooled down at an appropriate rate to the lower limit of the annealing temperature range, so it will not produce a new permanent inherent stress. From what is mentioned above, we know there is a slow cooling process involved in annealing.

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