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Full Set of Annealing Lehr Equipment

Our tunnel-shaped annealing lehr is composed of steel shell, conveying roller and drive device, etc. It is divided into Zone A, B, C, D, E, F and G lengthways.
There is insulation layer in the shell of Zone A, B and C which are equipped with electrical heaters and radiation coolers; Zone D and E use sealed steel shell, and Zone E is installed with hot air circulation cooling device; Zone F and G are unenclosed construction, and Zone G is equipped with forced cooling device.

With heat insulation, the annealing equipment is transversely divided into zones for heating and cooling. This can effectively control the cooling speed and crosswise temperature difference of the glass ribbon. According to the requirements in terms of glass output, specifications and thickness, our quality annealing lehr is designed to offer optimized structure, subzones, and auxiliary equipment.

The annealing lehr is used to remove the inherent stress in glass and improve glass yield.

Technical Parameters

Production capacity 450t/d (can design annealing lehr with any production capacity)
Glass pane width 4000mm glass
Glass thickness 2 ~ 16 mm
Glass temperature when the glass enters annealing equipment 600±10 ℃
Glass temperature when the glass exits annealing equipment 80 ± 10 ℃
Crosswise temperature difference when the glass enters annealing equipment ≤10 ℃
Annealing lehr length ≈ 120m
Annealing lehr inner width 4200mm
Annealing lehr outer width 4900mm
Annealing equipment roller speed 80 ~ 800m/h
Residual stress (6mm) < 9kg/cm2

Yuntong is a professional full set of annealing lehr equipment manufacturer, based in China. We provide a wide range of products, including glass cross cutting machine, dual-chamber convection heating flat glass tempering furnace, horizontal glass washing machine, roller for annealing lehr, and others.

Terms of trade
1. Minimum order quantity (MOQ): one piece or complete plant
2. Delivery time: 3-6 months (except float glass production line)
3. Port of loading: port of Tianjin (Xingang)
4. Terms of payment: advance payment (30% TT) + payment before shipment (60% LC or TT) + the balance of payment (10% TT or LC) after final acceptance.